Vegetable oil extraction machine for making groundnut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil

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10-1000tpd customized
Raw material:
Oil seeds
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    Vegetable oil extraction machine for making groundnut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, etc.


The main process of vegetable oil extraction machine:

vegetable oil extraction process

Process of vegetable oil extraction machine

There are three workshops in vegetable oil extraction plant, oilseeds pretreatment workshop, vegetable oil solvent extraction workshop and vegetable oil refinery plant workshop.


Oil seeds pretreatment and press plant:


oil seeds pretreatment plant process

Process of oil seeds pretreament and press plant

oil seeds pretreatment machine

Vegetable preteatment and press machines




Vegetable oil solvent extraction plant:


vegetable oil solvent extraction plant process

Process of vegetable oil solvent extraction plant 


vegetable oil solvent extraction machine

Machines of vegetable oil solvent extraction plant

Vegetable oil solvent extraction plant uses n-hexan to extract oil from oil seeds that has been pretreated. And the oil loss rate can be lower than 1%.


vegetable oil solvent extraction plant

Vegetable oil solvent extraction plant


Main Equipment introduction:

1. Solvent pumps: continuously spray solvent to the rotary-typr extractor.

2. Roary extractor: spray and soak the corn germ cake with solvent so that oil fats can be dissolved in solvent (form miscella). After processing, you can get wet meal and miscella (mixed oil).

3. DTDC: used to separate the solvent from the wet meal.

4. Miscella tank 1st: pump the miscella ( oil with solvent) into the miscella 1st, then add 10% saline water to it. The phospholipid and impurities in the miscella will react with the saline water, at last the reactant precipitate, reaching the goal of purifying.

5. Miscella tank 2nd: the purified miscella will be pumped into it.

6. Miscella stripping: it will remove the remaining solvent in miscella. And the solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling.

7. Condensers: used to cooling the solvent gas separated from the wet meal and miscella for recycling. 


Vegetable oil refining plant:


vegetable oil refining plant process

Process of vegetable oil refining plant 


vegetable oil refining plant

Vegetable oil refining plant


Detail information:

1. Degumming and deacidification: 

The gumming is moved by phosphoric acid and hot water. There are two ways to move the acid in the crude oil. One is chemical way, the other one is physical way. The chemical way is using NaOH to react with acid. This way is suitable for the capacity of 5-30T per day. The physical way is using steam and centrifugal to move the acid. This way is used for 30-2000T per day capacity vegetable oil refinery plant.

2. Decolorization: 

This step is used to adjust the color of the oil. You can control the color of the corn germ oil according to the requirement of your market.

3. Deodorization: 

The function of this step is to move the special smell in the oil. This is an important standard for refined crude oil.




1.What machine we can manufacture?

Cooking oil making machine:10-2000MT per day .

Solvent?extraction machine: 10-1000MT per day.

Edible?oil?refinery plant : 1-600MT per day.

Palm?oil?processing machine: 1-600MT per day.


2.What kinds oil seeds we can process?

Peanut, sunflower seeds, corn germ, cotton seeds, soybean, rapeseeds, rice bran, palm fruit, plam kernel, etc. 


3.Why choose our company?

A. 40 years manufacturing experience.

B. 26 technical engineers research new efficient processing craft and instruct manufacturing and installation.

C. 76 technicians - professional installation team - with rich and mature installation and training experience.



Machine delievery



cooking oil machine delievery

Cooking oil machines delievery


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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd


We are the leading producer of oil equipment in China. We are specialized in edible oil making machine for 40 years. Our company have special engineers for palm oil presser. They are researching and developing the technology. We have advanced processing equipments and scientific management system. The products have gained many achievements and awards. Our machines have been exported to Congo, Urganda, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Cananda, Chile, Argentina, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey and so on.



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